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AquaPeace: Deep Sea Hearing

AquaPeace is a supplement geared toward those looking for a healthy and peaceful life. It works on the principle of fatty acids and nutrients that work in sea anemones, which have a unique type of hair cells present in the ears. The supplement provides and nourishes the ear hair cells with the necessary nutrients and keeps them intact, giving peace of mind and improving focus and energy levels.

Consumers can purchase the supplement on the official website based on two approaches, including: 


May 2023 - New Scientific Discovery

Scientists Have Made a Strange Discovery
About Sea Anemones

A study found that a developmental gene, known as "pou-iv", is linked to the touch in sea anemones' tentacles and in human's sense of hearing. This gene is essential for the proper development of auditory hair cells in mammals. Sea anemones are the closest living relatives of humans, and studying them can help scientists better understand the evolutionary history of humans. Researchers found that the pou-iv gene in a sea anemone caused the abnormal development of hair cells on their tentacles, which eliminated their response to touch. This suggests that the sense of hearing in humans has evolved hundreds of millions of years ago, and that the circulation of nutrients and fatty acids in sea anemones also contributes to human auditory cell health. AquaPeace developed a hearing supplement formula to deliver rare, nutrient-rich algae to the auditory hair cells.

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Real AquaPeace Users
Real Life-Changing Results


“Thanks to AquaPeace, I can finally have a good night's rest! It has been such a huge relief for me.”

Sarah Flake- New York, USA


“I started using AquaPeace based on the recommendation of my ENT and it’s worked wonders for me so far.”

Tom M. - Wyoming, USA


“...about 2 short weeks of taking AquaPeace, I couldn't believe how well it works. My focus and energy has improved so much. I feel I have a second chance at life again!”

Jackie Austin - Chicago, USA

Why Choose AquaPeace?

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We are proud to say that This Formula is All Natural, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.

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Introducing AquaPeace


What Is AquaPeace?

AquaPeace is a supplement for those looking for a healthy and peaceful life. It takes a reputable and peer-reviewed piece of science from sea anemones—creatures that dwell in the deep seas and have excellent auditory capabilities—and mixes that with a bunch of natural ingredients to deliver a powerful dose of all that’s good for your hearing.

It works on the principle of fatty acids and nutrients that work in sea anemones. These organisms have a unique type of hair cells. Hair cells are sensory receptors of the auditory system of vertebrates and some fishes, present in (you guessed it) ears.

The dietary supplement provides and nourishes your ear hair cells with the necessary nutrients and keeps them intact. It is universal knowledge that your hearing ability depends largely on the health of your ear hair cells, and that’s why keeping them in good condition is necessary.

It gives you peace of mind, allowing you to get a good night’s rest. It also helps you improve your focus and energy levels. We’ll dissect all the benefits in a later section.

Made from nutritious and rare deep-sea algae from East Asian waters, the supplement delivers a balanced mix of nutrients that can significantly improve the human ear’s hair cells without any side effects. We’ll talk about exactly what these ingredients are in detail a little later.

Suppose you've ever wished for crystal-clear hearing and a peaceful auditory experience. In that case, this review is your ticket to unlocking the secrets of this unique ocean-inspired formula. Get ready to ride the waves of relaxation and discover how AquaPeace can make a splash in your life. 

How Does AquaPeace Works for You?

It would be a gross understatement to say that it’s just a simple supplement that seems to work. It’s a unique and innovative product that’s one-of-a-kind. Based on the fascinating qualities of the sea anemone’s hair cells and its working in the auditory reception process, AquaPeace can do wonders for your hearing and rest. The results are quick and long-lasting too.

Let’s see how it works.

First of all, the supplement harnesses the power of deep-sea marine nutrients. These are sourced directly from the pristine seas in East Asia, including around Japan. Rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants, these nutrients play a crucial role in nourishing and restoring your body’s cells—Especially the hair cells that are responsible for heating present inside your ears.

AquaPeace has great restorative and nourishing properties. The product is specifically formulated to boost hair cell health and regeneration. These hair cells capture sound vibrations and turn them into electrical signals that the brain interprets as sound or voice.

These nutrients optimize the auditory cells in a way.

Proper circulation is also critical in our auditory system. It profoundly improves overall well-being. Incidentally, AquaPeace has ingredients that support healthy blood flow. 


AquaPeace Ingredients

AquaPeace is a popular supplement that supports healthy hearing and promotes overall ear health. But how does it work? Understanding the ingredients present in AquaPeace can help you make an informed decision about whether it's the right choice for you.

100% natural and unique ingredients clinically proven to provide crystal-clear hearing and a peaceful auditory experience.

Sea Buckthorn

Unlike other cells in the body, hair cells cannot regenerate once damaged or lost, leading to permanent hearing impairment. However, recent studies have suggested that sea buckthorn may promote the growth of new hair cells in the ear, potentially reversing hearing loss.

The core mechanism behind this effect is the activation of the Notch signaling pathway, which plays a key role in developing and regenerating various tissues in the body, including the inner ear.

In a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, researchers found that a compound called isorhamnetin, abundant in sea buckthorn, can activate the Notch pathway and stimulate the proliferation of hair cells in the ear. 


Chlorella can promote the development of new ear hair cells. The mechanism lies in chlorella's high concentration of a plant growth hormone called auxin.

Auxin plays a key role in cell division and growth, and it has been found to stimulate the proliferation of cells in the inner ear. This, in turn, leads to the development of new hair cells. Chlorella also contains high levels of antioxidants, which protect the hair cells from damage. 

Ecklonia Cava

Ecklonia cava contains a unique combination of natural compounds, including phlorotannins, fucoxanthin, and fucoidan, which have been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. These properties help protect the delicate structures of the inner ear from damage caused by free radicals and inflammation.

In addition, Ecklonia cava has been shown to improve blood flow and circulation, which may help support the health of the blood vessels in the inner ear. This is important because the blood vessels in the inner ear deliver oxygen and nutrients to the hair cells responsible for hearing. 

Sea Mustard

Recent studies have shown that sea mustard contains a unique compound called fucoxanthin that can stimulate the growth of new hair cells in the inner ear. It is a carotenoid pigment abundant in brown seaweed. It has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

Fucoxanthin primarily promotes new ear hair-cell development by activating a signaling pathway called the Wnt/β-catenin pathway. This pathway is crucial in many cellular processes, including cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. In the inner ear, activating this pathway can stimulate the proliferation of supporting cells, which can differentiate into new hair cells. 

Nori Yaki

Nori Yaki, another ingredient sourced from the sea, supports the development of new hair cells.

Hair cells in the ear convert sound vibrations into electrical signals that the brain can interpret.

It actively promotes the growth of new hair cells.

Incidentally, Nori Yaki aids in maintaining optimal hearing capabilities. Additionally, its strong antioxidant properties help protect against free radicals, which can cause damage to the auditory system. 


Spirulina helps support ear health by reducing inflammation. Inflammation can damage the delicate tissues in the ear and lead to hearing loss. It contains phycocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Rich in essential hearing nutrients, Spirulina is a valuable addition to AquaPeace. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are known to support immune function.

A healthy immune system plays a role in maintaining the overall well-being of the auditory system, making Spirulina an important ingredient for promoting ear health. 


Astaxanthin appears to promote the growth and survival of hair cells by activating several key signaling pathways in the inner ear. One of these pathways involves the activation of a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which is important for the growth and survival of hair cells.

Recognized as a potent free-radical fighter, Astaxanthin is a valuable ingredient in promoting long-lasting hearing health. Free radicals can cause oxidative stress, leading to cellular damage and potential harm to the auditory system. Astaxanthin's powerful antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals, helping maintain the auditory structures' health and longevity. 

Benefits Of AquaPeace

What makes AquaPeace so remarkable? Well, it has many unique benefits you cannot find elsewhere. Let’s look at what to expect with the daily use of this supplement.

Improve Your Ear Health

This is the main job of this supplement. It improves your ear health by directly nourishing the hair cells responsible for your auditory capabilities. Specifically formulated to support optimal ear health, AquaPeace nourishes the delicate hair cells that help you hear and provides a powerful dose of essential nutrients that promote better circulation.

Overall, the supplement helps maintain the integrity and function of these vital auditory cells, which can get damaged over time with age. 

Enhance Hearing

The unique blend of deep-sea marine nutrients and rare algae enhances hearing acuity. The supplement actively supports the health of the entire auditory system, thus leading to sharper and clearer hearing. This allows you to enjoy the sounds of life fully and sleep better at night. 

Peace of Mind

AquaPeace also promotes a sense of tranquility and calmness. It does that by nurturing the intricate cellular processes within your ears. Though this might not be the same for everyone, it does create a harmonious environment inside your head. It allows you to achieve greater peace of mind and general well-being. 

Focus and Concentration

Ear health is vital in how you focus and concentrate on work, studies, daily life, or your family. AquaPeace optimizes your auditory function, contributing to enhanced cognitive abilities and making you more attentive, focused, and engaged in daily tasks and work activities. 

Energy Level

When your auditory system functions optimally, it can positively impact your overall energy levels. AquaPeace aims to invigorate and revitalize your senses, promoting a natural boost in energy that can help you stay active and productive throughout the day. 

100% Safety

AquaPeace is formulated with natural ingredients sourced from deep-sea and rare algae, ensuring a safe and side-effect-free experience. You can enjoy the benefits of AquaPeace without worrying about harmful additives or unwanted dependencies. 

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The product further offers peace of mind and confidence in your purchase with a full refund if you’re unsatisfied. If AquaPeace fails to meet your expectations, you can get a full refund on your order, even if you are returning an empty bottle! They might deduct shipping and handling fees when you request a return. Pickups are fast. 

AquaPeace Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Get Your Money Back If You’re Not Satisfied

If you aren’t satisfied with the advantage Honey Burn provides, we’re here to refund your money. You can contact us to initiate the refund process within 60 days of your purchase, even if you did not finish the entire bottle or have. 
This lets you have two whole months to ascertain whether Honey Burn is what you need or not. We will not charge you any hidden or subscription fees. You are assured of a safe and secure purchase.

How Much Do AquaPeace Cost and Where to Buy?

AquaPeace is sold in three different packages. Sizing and pricing for these packages are as follows: 

  •  One bottle (30-day supply) - $69 and free shipping
  •  Three bottles (90-day supply) - $59 per bottle, free shipping, and 2 free bonus eBooks
  • Six bottles (180-day supply) - $49 per bottle, free shipping, and 2 free bonus eBooks

Each bottle contains a one-month supply of AquaPeace or 30 gummies. You take one gummy daily to promote gut health, skin health, and skin cell turnover.

According to the official AquaPeace website, 97% of customers order the recommended 6-bottle package or 6-month supply of AquaPeace. 

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Consumers can purchase the supplement on the official website based on two approaches, including: 

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How safe is my credit card information on your website?

Your online privacy is one thing you can be sure we so much prioritize here and thus do not worry about losing any sensitive credentials while making your purchase from us. Besides, you can bank on Clickbank’s excellent reputation and vast experience in online transactions to help you in safeguarding your purchase.


AquaPeace™ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Refund Policy:

If within the first 60 days of receipt, you are not satisfied with AquaPeace, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

AquaPeace : Frequently Asked Questions

The AquaPeace website has several evaluations and testimonials from genuine consumers. Reviewers stated that the supplement enhanced their hearing and their entire health.

"I can finally get a good night's sleep, thanks to AquaPeace!" It's been a great comfort for me." Sara Flake from New York, USA

"I began using AquaPeace on the advice of my ENT, and it has worked wonders for me so far." - Tom M. from Wyoming, USA.

"... after only two weeks of taking AquaPeace, I couldn't believe how well it worked." My concentration and energy levels have increased. "I feel like I've been given a second chance at life!" - Jackie Austin, Chicago, United States.

Taking this supplement is easy. Simply take one AquaPeace capsule each day, morning or night. You can take it on an empty stomach or with a meal, whichever you prefer.

AquaPeace is made with ingredients derived from deep sea and rare algae, offering a risk-free experience. You may experience AquaPeace's advantages without worrying about dangerous additions or unhealthy habits.

You can expect your order to be shipped within 5-7 business day if you live in the United States of America or Canada. Orders from outside the USA or Canada typically take between 8-15 business days (+ customs clearance).

The best results are achieved when these supplements are taken consistently for 3 - 6 months. As a result, we strongly advise you to take advantage of our 3 or 6-bottle discount package. This special pricing is only available today or until our limited inventory runs out. And, as a result of this special offer, we are currently selling out of stock faster than anyone could have expected.

AquaPeace may be purchased easily from the company's official website. First, a form must be completed, followed by the selection of the right package. After that, pay for the item. The firm will then begin the shipment procedure.

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